About Us – Boarding Cattery

Kitty Angel Cat Hotel was established in 2019 and has a licensed 5 Star rating by St Helens Council (AB57).

Maria the Kitty Angel is the license holder and she has a passion for cats having been a Maine Coon breeder of 2 decades and 35 years of experience in cat care. Maria holds the OfQual regulated course Level 3 Diploma in Feline Care Behaviour and Welfare and trained Reiki Masterclass Practitioner. Maria has help from a number of volunteers and also Millie who holds a Level 3 diploma in Animal Management.

Maria is also qualified in law to masters level and is a registered nurse. Her life long dream was to own a cat hotel with a difference, which is why are guests say we are ‘No Ordinary Cat Hotel, in fact the Savoy of Cat Hotels.

At the end of 2023, the hotel was extended to include a choice for guests when boarding. Our resorts are large and built to the new Animal Boarding regulations Higher Standard 2018, large and perfect for one but large enough for two guests.We also have five interconnecting suites to allow up to 4 guests from the same family to share.

Rates are charged per day (includes day of arrival and day of departure) as we have an intensive clean between guests, every cat wants to feel as though they are the first guest in that suite.

A choice of rooms in the luxury white resorts ‘MoggieWood Boulevard’ or glamping in ‘Whiskers Wonderland.’

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What does 5 stars mean?

  1. This is a higher standards cattery as inspected by the environmental health
  2. There must be at least one full time member of staff for every 20 cats, or a higher number of qualified staff. Non 5 star catteries have staffing ratio of 1:25
  3. There must be at least one member of staff that has a relevant Ofqual regulated Level 3 qualification. No formal qualifications are required in lower rating catteries
  4. All cats must be checked at least once at an appropriate interval out of hours (between 6pm and 8am) by a person or CCTV. Temperature in the sleeping area must be between 18°C and 26°C. The environment must have a layout and design that gives the cats choice. Non 5 star catteries can lock up at 5pm and minimum temperatures are 10 degrees. This does mean we have a much higher heating and ventilation bill as we are climate control /air con
  5. Ventilation must be a managed, fixed or portable, air system to maintain appropriate temperatures in all weathers. This can be an air conditioning unit or removable fans - but these must be safely installed away from cats
  6. Behavioural observations must be recorded daily
  7. If more than one cat shares a unit, daily behavioural observations must be recorded and acted upon. These should especially focus on any signs of stress or aggression.
  8. A competent person must be on site at all times.
  9. Cat units must be 1.5 times the minimum area sizes in this guide. The calculation of the total area can include raised areas. Sneeze barriers must be completely opaque rather than translucent. They will be: up to 600 millimetres and behind any shelves 300 millimetres above and to the side of any shelves Each cat must have access to at least 2 raised areas - one of which must be in the sleeping area and one must be in the exercise area

All catteries must comply with the legislation below and this strictly means no communal areas for cats and cats can only share if they are from the same house. Outdoor areas are not permitted as There must be a safe, secure, waterproof roof over the entire cat unit.

Cat boarding licensing: statutory guidance for local authorities - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

About Us - Breeding Cattery

Welcome to 'Migatobonito' breeding cattery which is registered under both the TICA and GCCF cat associations.
We have breeding since 1989.
Now based in Newton Le Willows in the North West of England UK.

'StanRex' is a TICA registered cattery name to reflect the hobby of Stanley, see below. Stan no longer breeds.

All my breeding Maine Coons are tested for the HCM gene and the presence of the Coronavirus (FCoV).Health is very important to us so please take time to read the frequently asked questions on the visitor page before visiting

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The polydactyl cat can be shown in TICA at championship status from May 2015. Our polydactyl maine coon cats and kittens have been shown in the new traits and formed part of the history to allow this breed in to championship.

I hope you enjoy browsing my site and feel free to contact me if you require assistance.

In 2011 we purchased our first polydactyl maine coon, cats with thumbs! 2011 saw our first Poly litter Snowy and Frosty!

All Maine Coon cats are tested for the presence of the HCM (MYBPC3) gene, PK Def & SMA and are all negative.

All my cats (breeding and neutered) are FELV and FIV negative and have been tested in 2009 and all new cats are tested on entry. We are a FELV/FIV negative cattery/household; a certificate is available on visiting. All new cats that come into our home have to go through rigorous testing to make sure they are free from disease before they can mix with the rest of the gang.

We are a small hobby breeder located in Newton Le Willows between Warrington and Merseyside, UK.
And a hobby it is, when done properly and in conjunction with showing; no true breeder will make any money. It is always done for the love of the cats and the breed.

Our first encounter with cats started in 1988 as family allergies prevented cats before. Tinkerbell was our first moggy, of whom we soon realized could not be a female Tinkerbell and he was renamed Tinker. He was soon to be joined by many friends. We started breeding in 1989 with Persians and British Shorthair.

We were first attracted to Maine Coons in 2007 because of their size and placid nature. The Maine Coon is probably the largest domestic cat and they are slow to mature, taking up to 4 years to fully mature. We first saw Ruskita Titan Moon at a show and were amazed by his size and beauty. This led us to search for our own first 'Titan'. The house is never quiet and they like to be with you all of the time. They have a love for water and it can be quite annoying to see wet feet marks all over the house!! Maine Coons make excellent companions and have an extrovert, easygoing nature with an inquisitive personality. They are very affectionate and co-habit well with other pets and children. A fondness of water is one of their traits and another is to find the strangest place to sleep, often in the sink!

Devon Rex cats fasinate us too. We acquired our first Devon in 2003, thanks to 'Bountiful' Devon Rex. They are playful and mischievous and sometimes very naughty. They love to hide and you often find them under your duvet keeping warm. Please view our gallery to see pictures of our cats. The Devon Rex are bred and showed by my son who is very active at shows as a TICA steward and owns Marley the best devon kitten in Western Europe 2009/10, Blue Best Devon Adult 2010/11 and Willow Best Devon kitten 2010/11 and third Devon kitten internationally. Stanley no longer breeds.

All my cats are kept either indoors within the house or in the cattery/runs we have outside. We also have Protectapet fencing to allow them to roam the grounds of the house. It’s safe and extra security to your house. If you mention Migatobonito you will get a discount on purchasing.

Our kittens are born upstairs in a bedroom or in a kitten room where they stay until we feel they may come down to the playroom. They are integrated into a 'busy' family life once they are weaned from mum.

All my kittens are sold to indoor homes only, when they are fully vaccinated, micropchipped , neutered and come with a kitten agreement, 4 weeks insurance, kitten advice, pedigree and registration with TICA (GCCF by request only.) All kittens will have received at least three vet checks before going to their new homes. Your kitten will leave with food and litter that we use.

Previous Cat Fancy roles:

Honorary Secretary of the Merseyside Cat Club from July 2008 until July 2014.

Member of the GCCF disciplinary panel 2015-October 2020.

TICA Maine Coon Breed Committee member (2018- 2021)

Thanks must go to our vet Gareth Jones and his team without his continued support, dedication to our animals we would not be able to continue. Standish and Tyldesley Vet Centre Ltd.