KittyAngel Cat Hotel  Terms & Conditions

Before guests can stay at the resort, in terms of our licence we must ask all owners to agree to our terms and conditions. These can be emailed to you on confirmation of your booking or viewed when you complete the booking form. Payment of a deposit/admin fee is an assumption you have accepted these terms.

The following terms and conditions are designed to protect the health and well-being of our feline guests as well as the rights of ourselves and human customers.

This contract forms the basis upon which cats are accepted for boarding and form an agreement between Kitty Angel Cat Hotel and the cats owner covering the period of boarding and these must be accepted in order for our insurance to apply. By confirming your booking by paying the deposit you are agreeing to our terms and conditions.

We must receive the deposit within 48 hours for the booking to be confirmed. If your deposit is not received then the room is made available to others. Full payment for new bookings require full payment 21 days before your stay.

Opening Hours
As we live in a residential area, visits are by appointment only including check in and collections. Please park on the driveway if possible. Our internal gates will be closed, please ring the doorbell on the double wooden gates.
Our preference is not to have check-in and departure after 6pm as evening meals and bedtime activities start. In exceptional circumstances by prior arrangement a supplement of £30 is charged for out of hours. (Per visit not per cat) It can be very unsettling for the cats to have their routine disturbed at night, however our aim is to provide a tailored service for each family and I appreciate that flights may be at different times.

Monday -Friday 0930-1100 1700-1800
Saturday 0930-1200
Sunday and Bank Holidays closed.

Check in and Check out 10-11 17-1800 or by agreement

We want you to be absolutely sure that Kitty Angel Cat Hotel is the perfect choice for your cats and are pleased to offer viewings at the discretion of the Kitty Angel and are by appointment only. Pets must stay at home on this visit. We have a virtual visit on our facebook page and TikTok or we can arrange to facetime with you so you can feel happy leaving your kitty.

All our resorts can accommodate two cats and we have three family resorts with interconnecting rooms, which can accommodate 4 cats from the same family.

Prices – see prices page & what is included

Full payment for new bookings 21 days before your stay. Cancellations up to 21 days before your stay will occur full payment of your fees.

Cancellations prior to 21 days, you are not required to pay however the deposit/admin fee of £40 is non refundable. No future bookings will be taken until cancellation fees are paid in full.

If your booking is in less than 21 days full payment is required and any subsequent cancellation entitles you to no refund.
The deposit is not transferable to another booking.

Once your booking has been confirmed you will be charged an admin fee of £10 to change the dates.

Double rates are charged on all bank holidays

I accept cash or bank transfer. I do not have credit facilities or a card machine. You will be issued with a VAT receipt sent electronically when full payment is due.

Rates are charged per day as we have an intensive clean between guests, every cat wants to feel as though they are the first guest in that suite, just the same as I do. Bookings are charged on a daily rate basis which includes the day of arrival and day of departure. This applies even if you cut your stay short. I am unable to refund or transfer payment if you decide to collect your cat early during your stay.

For very short stays we have a minimum charge per booking (5 days) this covers deep cleaning sanitizing of our resorts between guests. If you wish for your cat to stay two days then the 5 day minimum charge will apply.

During July - October this is extended to a minimum charge of 7 days per booking.

A non refundable deposit of £40 of your total bill is required within 48 hours in order to secure your resort. By paying the deposit you are agreeing to the terms and conditions outlined. If the deposit has not been paid after 3 days of the booking confirmation email, your request will be cancelled and the dates made available.

Full payment is due 21 days before your stay.

Vaccinations and Health
Our guest’s health is paramount. All cats must have a current and valid vaccination certificate for cat flu and enteritis. Certificates are requested on arrival and copies are taken to comply with our license requirement. We are unable to accept cats without current up to date vaccines. If you are unsure if the vaccine is valid send a copy or discuss this with your vet in advance of the holiday and ensure any boosters are given at least 14 days before checking in. If a booster is due during your stay it is advisable to have this early before arrival.

It is the owners responsibility once they have booked to be able to evidence the vaccine course and subsequent boosters by your vet. If you fail to do this then you are not entitled to a refund as the room has been booked out.

Cats must have a primary course and yearly boosters to be classed as up to date.

We also require confirmation that all guests have received flea and worming treatment in the last 4 weeks prior to checking in and the name of the preparation used. Supermarket brands are ineffective so please consult your vet for a resistant treatment.

If internal or external parasites are found on or in a guest, by signing this document you agree that your cat can be treated in line with vet guidance and you will be liable for the costs related to this treatment. This will need to be reimbursed to Kitty Angel Cat Hotel on checking out from the resort.

Please do not bring an acutely sick cat to the resort as this puts all other cats at risk and is also not in the best interests of your cat. If you are in any doubt about the health of your cat please consult your own vet BEFORE arriving at the resort. If your cat appears unwell during the stay, veterinary advice will be sought and your cat will need to be placed in isolation at the vet practice. The owner agrees to this course of action when signing this agreement and will be liable for the related costs.

Under no circumstances can a cat with any form of active contagious disease be boarded. If you cat is an outdoor cat we advise that FELV vaccines are given to your cat and an annually blood test for FELV/ FIV. Whilst these diseases are spread by direct contact, it is advisable to know the status of your cats health.

I reserve the right to refuse entry to any cat showing signs of illness on arrival pending advice from a vet.

If your cat becomes unwell during their stay I will first try to contact you or your emergency nominated contact person and keep you updated. Our vet is on call and may need to be taken into isolation. Kitty Angel Cat Hotel is not liable for any costs associated with the vet care of your cat and all fees are payable on departure. There is a charge to cover fuel when taking your cat to the vet £0.50 per mile dependent on vet used. Cats taken to a cattery will not be able to return until they have been stable for 48 hours and your emergency contact must be available to assist.

An emergency contact number MUST be provided.

Whilst every care is taken to ensure all cats boarding are healthy on arrival, I do not accept any responsibility for any virus contracted in the cattery or on the premises or during traveling.

Male cats over 6 months of age which have not been neutered will not be accepted for boarding. Any cat taken ill during their stay will be treated by my vet unless your nominated vet is closer. Except for accidents caused by me, you will be liable for the costs of the vet treatment on departure.

As I am a registered nurse I am happy to administer medication for our guests, please let us know of any special needs at the time of booking. I have cared for many diabetic cats but I ask that their insulin is stable. There is a small fee for this as it impacts on our insurance. You will be asked to sign a medication form whether this is vet prescription medication or non prescription.

If tablets are to be given you must bring your own 'pill popper' or purchase one on arrival. Tablets cannot be administered without this. Food supplements will be sprinkled on food however we will not crush tablets on food as cats do not always eat them when in a strange place. Pill poppers cost £5. There is a daily charge as per the price list.

We do reserve the right to take your cat to our vet if it becomes aggressive or unable to have the medication administered and any fees will be payable by you on collection.

Any medication is given with the owners consent and at the owners own risk and can only be administered via instructions of your vet. I will follow instructions provided to me but cannot be held responsible for complications that arise as a result.DietAn all inclusive menu of dry food is provided in the price. If your cat would like to upgrade to something special they may request the A La cat menu please advise on booking. Unless you upgrade you must supply your own wet food for the duration of the stay. Wet food is not provided unless a menu upgrade is requested as there are many varieties of wet food and we find many owners wish to provide their own.

You MUST bring your own wet food unless this has been arranged with me in advance.

If your cat has a prescription diet this must be brought with you to last the duration of your stay.

Water is filtered and provided during the stay.

Food is served in the comfort and privacy of your own resort twice daily unless requested.

There is an option to upgrade to A La Cat menu and daily access to the mini bar see website for full details, and is subject to change.

KittyAngel provides the dishes, plates & Napkins for all guests. (See price breakdown for list of what is included) All dishes are washed in the cats own dishwasher to ensure cleanliness.

Purr-Toe Rico resort is an upgrade (see website) and china plates will be provided. Inc afterpurrnoon tea.

Here at Kitty Angel Cat Hotel the KittyAngel does love to groom your cats as this is a great bonding time. A light grooming is free of charge however for hygienic reasons we ask that you bring your own brush from home. There is an option to upgrade to a full spa see website for further details (Subject to an assessment on our cat).

All reasonable care is taken when you leave your cat with me. I do have public liability insurance for peace of mind of my clients and insurance to cover vet costs that are a result of an accident occurring whilst in my care. No pre-existing illnesses can be covered and I would advise that you purchase your own pet insurance.

The owner understands that all cats are only accepted at the owner’s risk and upon acceptance of the terms herein.

Cats must be transported in the car and arrive at the resort in a suitably secure cat carrier. You may leave your carrier in your room throughout your stay however we cannot take responsibility for any loss or damage during this time. You agree by signing these terms that in the event of an emergency that your cat may be transported in the licensee car to the vets or to a safe place. We cannot accept cats that arrive in your arms or on a harness and you will be asked to leave and go an purchase a suitable carrier. Cats cannot arrive in cardboard boxes for their own safety,

For safety reasons please remove all cat collars during the stay.

Family rooms
If you have more than one cat in a resort, you agree it is acceptable for your cats to share. I reserve the right to separate them if any signs of aggression are seen. You will be responsible for the extra cost on check out if this occurs.

On arrival
All cats will be examined visually on arrival and are accepted into our care on the assumption that they are in good health and any existing health problems have been communicated. Microchip numbers will be recorded on arrival. If your cat does not have a microchip you can request this be done during the cats stay. (Charge payable on arrival.)

Changes to your return date.
I carefully schedule my time to serve the kitties in my care and yourselves as clients, therefore I am not able to refund if you make last minute changes to the length of your stay or early return. In the event your are delayed beyond your control, you must inform me immediately and I will use my best endeavors to make alternative arrangements for the continued cover /contact your emergency nominated contact person.

Failure to collect
In the unusual event your cat is not collected within 14 days of the agreed departure date with no contact from the owner or a representative, the cat will be classed as abandoned and a decision to re-home the guest will be made at our discretion.

Personal Items
You are more than welcome to bring your own blanket, bedding from home to provide a familiar smell. Carriers and transportation boxes can be left in the luggage store if collapsible or in the cats resort. However we cannot take responsibility for any loss or damage during this time. If bedding is soiled and time permits I will wash your bedding; due to time constraints this may not always be possible and therefore I will bag this ready for your collection. I request no items of personal clothing.

Photographs will be taken of your cat(s) during their stay and used to send you updates. They may also be used for advertising, social media or the website. Please advise if you are not in agreement to this.

Please do inform us of any changes to your contact numbers and your pets needs and emergency contact numbers prior to your stay. In turn once in our care we are happy to update you on your cat via a Whats App. Please discuss this when you check in your kitty. As I am closed on Sundays & Bank holidays I do not provide routine updates on these days, however if a cat is sick then of course you will be informed.

Cats that are frightened can be aggressive, however if you know that your cat is aggressive and will pose a risk to those caring for him/her; it may be better to arrange for care in your own home. Should you bring a cat and he/she should bite a person attending, you accept responsibility for all costs but not limited to medical care. We do use pet remedy/ Feliway to help cats who feel nervous on their first visit and you can help by bringing items from home such as a blanket or basket.

Vet Treatment - Unforeseen Circumstances
By signing you agree that in cases of illness, accident or parasite infestation I will consult my duty vet unless your vet is deemed less travel time. You agree that the vet may administer any treatment deemed necessary or as prescribed. Kitty Angel Cat Hotel cannot be held liable for any costs associated with the veterinary care of your cat and all fees are payable on departure.

If you cat is over 10 years of age, please request an elderly cat consent form before arrival.Data Protection & PrivacyAll of your personal information will be kept confidential and not passed to any other agents which I use. In line with the GDPR I store your information as per my privacy policy and license and can only share this with your consent unless required by law.

Please ask to see the Privacy policy for further information.

I ……………………….. have read and agree with the terms and conditions of stay at the Kitty Angel Cat Hotel

I am aware that a copy of this form is required to be kept on file for license purposes.

Policies may be subject to change at the discretion of the licensee.

Signed: ………………..

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