Coronavirus update 01/09/2022

Visitors to the cattery please note:

🐾 Appointment only and wash hands directly before leaving your house as per government guidance
🐾 Max two person on the premises at any one time for check in and collection (others must stay in the car.)
🐾 Use the hand sanitizer station on entry. Please stand back to allow me to close the cattery main door. Do not touch any handles or furniture.
🐾 Please stay behind the red barrier next to the hand sanitizer station when in the boarding cattery. Placing the cat basket on the table as you enter the cattery.
🐾 Please send in advance a copy of your completed booking form and copy of the vaccine card. This is to minimise contact on arrival.
🐾 If any members of your household are showing symptoms of covid-19, tested positive or self isolating post a holiday please do not visit the cattery premises.

Terms and Conditions relating to Cancellations.

Cancellations up to 21 days before your stay will occur full payment of your fees. Cancellations prior to 21 days, you are not required to pay however the deposit is non refundable.

Any deposits transferred in 2020 expire on 31 December 2021.

If your booking is in less than 21 days full payment is required and any subsequent cancellation entitles you to no refund.